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Have you ever seen a black hole in a movie... or read about it in a book and found it intriguing? Black holes are fascinating and one of the biggest mysteries of astronomy. Equinox is conducting a talk on black holes to discuss what they are and why they are an interesting topic of modern research.
This is a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn about astronomy. So be there!

Time: 9PM,
Wednesday March 20th 2019
Venue: Conference Hall, New SAC

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Launch event of a app for techevince. The app will feature all the projects done by the different clubs throughout the year. It can be accessed through your phone.

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The New website with a fresh design will be launched today at 12 noon. It is a responsve website which is accessible from every screen Let us welcome this new Website.

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Come and experience the beauty of the stars under the clear sky. Equinox is giving you an opportunity to explore the wonders of unverse through the planetarium.

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The final results of Kriti are out, with Barak holding the frst position, followed by Umium and it is closely followed by Kapili for the third position

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The Techevince, the annual exihibition by the technical board will start from 11 AM on 17th March. It will be held in New Sac till 5PM.

The Team

Meet the Technical Board

Prof. Arnab Sarkar

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Contact: +91 361 258 3252
Webmail: chrtb@iitg.ac.in

A. Vamshi Krishna Reddy
General Secretary

Contact: +91 814 215 1097
Webmail: techsec@iitg.ac.in

Sri Harsha Vadathya
Events Manager

Contact: +91 918 293 8122
Webmail: harsh170108037@iitg.ac.in

Sudipto Ghosh
Project Engineer

Technical Board & 4i Lab

Contact: +91 863 837 2696
Webmail: sudipta.ghosh@iitg.ac.in